Coaching Sessions & Fees *

          * March 2020

Privates ** - for one trained dancer, normally 45 minutes in length; 1st private is 1-1.5 hours at regular private fee in order to evaluate participant

Private Fee - $110.00 includes teaching fee & studio rental fee. Pay by Venmo @MsKenda prior to beginning of class

Semi-Privates ** - for two to three trained dancers of same strengths/weaknesses, normally 1 hour and 15 minutes, 1st semi-private is normally 1.5-2 hours at the regular fee in order to evaluate participants. Anyone interested in Semi-Privates MUST FIRST take two privates in order for the semi-privates to be effective for the teacher, student and parent (who is paying).

Semi-private Fee - $70.00 per dancer includes teaching fee & studio rental fee. Pay by Venmo @MsKenda prior to beginning of class


** Discounts to repeat trained dancers. Coaching sessions (privates/semi-privates)  are currently held at Dance Fusion or Bender Performing Arts. Reach out to Ms.Kenda to get on her schedule

Private & Semi-Private Dress Code

- please have hair in low or high bun, pulled away from face

- wear all black - black leotard, sports bra if needed too, athletic shorts

- bring/have - dance bag with water bottle, notebook, pen/pencil, ballet shoes, socks, medium strength theraband, tennis ball, foam roller, golf ball, hand towel, any medications or asthma items needed, something to cover you up to stay warm if we sit and talk, good attitude, ability to take corrections and mindset to work hard, and try different ways in which to come to a positive outcome

Regular Teaching Fee - If teaching regularly at a studio runs $65.00 and up per hour; I only teach 1.5 hour classes or more for a classical ballet technique class or an advanced pointe class.  Many competition studios have hour classes & I no longer agree to that for complete training & safety of our children.  For other classes such as stretch/conditioning, pre-pointe, Pointe I, those classes must be after a technique class so that dancers are warmed up properly through ballet technique and be 1 hour to 1.5 hours in length depending.  

Master Class Fee - $210.00 minimum per 1.5 hour class, minimum 3 hours of teaching, plus room/board, per deum, travel.  Teens/adults at intermediate to advanced levels.  Pay by Venmo prior to @MsKenda

BalletNEW - $20.00 for 1.5 hour ballet class per individual per class, must sign up/pay for 4 classes at a time (non refundable), plus a $35.00 registration fee all payable to Ms.Kenda prior to class start.  Also any studio fees the studio we hold classes at have will have to be paid upfront to the studio.. Only for young adults age 18 to seniors with Down Syndrome.  Women's Dress Code: black leggings or pink ballet tights, pink leather Ballet shoes purchased at Dee's (do not buy at Target), black leotard, hair in bun. Men's Dress Code: men's ballet tights, black ballet shoes (purchase at Dee's dancewear), black socks, black jock strap (athletic strap), black V-neck tight fitting shirt, possibly black suspenders. 

Movement E-Motion - $20.00 for 1 hour dance technique & choreography per individual per class, must sign up/pay for 12 classes at a time (non refundable), plus any class and costume fees (rental fee for some, full purchase price for others) and any performance fee (maximum $250.00) * payments can be worked out* payable directly to Ms.Kenda.  And any studio registration or other fee payable to studio. Only for young adults that want to train and perform age 18 and up. Class Wear: set leggings or jazz pants (tbd), uniformed T-shirt (tbd), jazz shoes, possibly other shoes, hair in low pony tail (secured), for performances hair in bun etc.  MORE tbd.